15 years of experience in gastronomy

Aromatic coffees, hospitality and quality service.

I look back on my 15 years of gastronomic experience as a bar manager and know I have left my mark on well-known Berlin bars such as Karakas Bar and the El-Sur-Bar.

For me it is important that Café de Enrico create a place where my customers feel at home and like to return to, by creating a warm ambience, providing excellent hospitality and service, along with quality aromatic coffees.

I used to mix cocktails, but my great love has always been coffee roasting. That’s why I swapped my place behind the bar for the roasting machine. I owe my knowledge of coffee to Professor Leopold Josef Edelbauer in Vienna.

Passion as the driving force

The enjoyable world of aromatic coffee.

When I do something, I do it with passion! As a certified coffee expert, graduate coffee sommelier and my many years of experience in coffee roasting I can take you on a journey through the enjoyable, aromatic world of coffee.

I also learned a lot about coffee in Italy, for example at the Nuova Simonelli company, for whom I sell and maintain espresso machines.

All my experience as a roaster and coffee expertise is reflected in the brand “Café de Enrico” and the selected products in my shop.