The unique taste experience of Moccamaster
The secret behind a perfect cup of coffee is the temperature at which the coffee is prepared. Moccamaster’s copper heating element is unique and ensures an optimal brewing temperature between 92°C and 96°C. Why is this temperature optimal? If coffee is made too cold, it tastes sour. If coffee is brewed too hot it tastes bitter. Moccamaster finds the perfect balance and prepares coffee at the right temperature, so you drink the tastiest cup of coffee.

What’s in the box:

•          Filter coffee machine
•          Glass jug
•          Filter basket
•          Lid filter basket
•          Lid of water container
•          Wateroutlet 9-hole
•          Measuring spoon
•          Instruction manual
•          3 No. 4 filters


Yellow, Orange, Black and Turquoise